Crushing moments

Fotografía de Intensa: Brooklyn Bridge....proceed with caution 

"Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story!  
It means a lot to me that you read and value my posts.  

We all experience crushing moments in life when it feels like our world is collapsing around us I've been there a number of times and I know the darkness that rushes into that void. I've learned to let go because holding onto a broken past creates suffering, depression and the frustration of feeling stuck. And when you are in those low states of energy, you keep attracting more and more problems into your life. Know that everything happens for a reason that is designed to make you a stronger and more vibrant person. An ending makes way for new beginnings that can be amazing beyond your wildest dreams. Embrace change and design the life that you were born to live. Abundance, love and happiness are yours for the taking if you allow them to flow into your life.

Know that difficult times don't last forever and though they may be sad, or very stressful, they happen to teach us lessons about ourselves that make us stronger and prepare us for better things that life has waiting for us when we are ready.  
You seem to be a very positive person who enjoys life.  
Sending you good energy and hugs ✨🙏🏼✨"

Thanks Paul!🙏🏻



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